HSBC Golf Days (Part 2)

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The Golf Trick Shot Boys returned to the Middle East for Part 2 of the HSBC Tour, with shows in Bahrain, Qatar and Oman.

First up for KC and Swainey was the Royal Golf Club where the double act impressed spectators with the visual effects under the floodlights.

High, low, left and right, you name it the Trick Shot Boys pulled off all the shots which looked even more spectatular at night.

To round off another memorable expreience the duo couldn’t resist a return visit to Bahrain’s F1 International Circuit. Earlier in the year the duo went head to head with special guests from the Bahrain Invitational. Guests included the likes of Paul Casey, Rude Gullit and Tim Henman to name a few. This time the GTSB were racing for pride up against much faster competition.

Day 2
Was a short flight to Doha Golf Club, home to the Qatar Masters. Monty was back in action and this time there were no repeats of broken clubs! On this occassion the 2010 winning Ryder Cup Captain made contact with the moving ball. It was smiles all round and you can imagine the banter between Monty and the GTSB. A popular voice in golf Mr John Hawksworth was soon in on the act reminding Monty, you did better than last time Colin.

Hawksworth was then invited by Swainey to chuck a few balls onto a paving slab and much to the amusement of himself and the audience that proved a challenge in itself. Hawky soon got his eye in and Geoff was nailing shots on the move.

If that wasn’t hard enough John was then chipping the ball to Geoff which he hit first time. It was high fives all round before the double act finished a very entertaining show, signing off with their trademark trick which involves KC flushing a moving ball from his partner’s shoulders.

Day 3
The Trick Shot Boys travelled to Oman and performed their 5th and final show of the Middle East Tour.

The HSBC series has been fantastic for Kevin and Geoff, it’s given the opportunity to showcase their amazing talents providing many new openings/contacts to bring the Golf Trick Shot Boys back to the Middle East, hopefully very soon. The duo meet up again in two weeks time where they will be performing between the 9th – 11th November at Earls Court for the London Golf Show.

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