Tyrone & Kirk Charity Golf Day

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Geoff met with Coronation Street’s Alan Halsall (Tyrone) and Andy Wyment’s (Kirk) a couple years ago having performed his individual show, Golf Unplugged at The Joining Jack Charity Golf Day.

Swainey’s show was a huge hit with the Corrie lads and it was a no brainer to invite him back in 2013. Geoff promised organisers the show to be bigger and better this year as he would come back with double act partner Kevin Carpenter and perform The Golf Trick Shot Boys.   Alan and his mates were excited about the duo performing at the event and came along to The Manchester Golf Show to catch a sneak preview of what was in store for everyone involved in the Joining Jack Charity Day.


Tyrone & Kirk Charity Golf Day

The Charity, Joining Jack is all about a super young lad who’s just 4 years old.  In October 2011 Jack’s parents received the shattering news that he has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Failing a medical breakthrough Jack’s life will follow a predetermined path mapped out by this progressive muscular wasting condition. In short, he will loose the use of every single muscle in his body, he may need a spinal rod to keep him upright and ventilation to help him breath. Eventually this poor little lad’s heart and lungs will fail and he will die. To read more about Jack and DMD, please log onto Joining Jack

We all need your help in Joining Jack, thank you so much – KC & Swainey xx

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