KC & Swainey meet The F2 Freestylers

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The football duo Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch, known as The F2 Freestylers  had invited the Golf Trick Shot Boys to London’s Top Golf in Watford to help shoot a new video for their TV Channel F2 Kicks Off.

KC,  fresh of running the London Marathon just four days prior to the shoot, was still sporting the Pink Hair having run the Marathon raising money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.  As you can see from the photo we were all in good spirits and keen to make a brilliant collaborartion of football and Golf Tricks.

The F2, have a huge fan base on Social Media with over 500,000 subscribers on there You Tube Channel. Thus far, a short clip from the video shoot has already reached a staggering 126,000 views in just four weeks.

It was great fun to film and we’re sure this will be the first of many video’s we make with the very funny and talented F2 Freestylers.

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