Ryder Cup Trick Shot Special – September 2014

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Earlier in the year we met the talented F2 Freestylers, Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch to shoot a collaboration of football and golf tricks for their new TV Channel F2 Kicks Off!!

When the four of us met it didn’t take long to release we were on to something very special and unique. The blend of Football and Golf Tricks is a fantastic combination allowing us all to showcase our skills sets a four man team.

The video clip posted on F2’s Instagram and You Tube Channel has been a huge hit, so we’re really excited about getting together again to see what we can all come up with.

With everyone blown away with how good the Ryder Cup was at Gleneagles, The F2 wanted to challenge us Trick Shot Boys to a Ryder Cup Special – The Crossbar Challenge. Both Billy and Jeremy specialise in the crossbar challenge and have some unbelievable tekkers when it comes to hitting the crossbar, however both myself and Geoff felt confident and up for the challenge. The video was being filmed in conjunction with the You Tube channel Ballers

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Thanks for watching, we hope you enjoyed it? It won’t be long before we team up with the brilliant F2 Freestylers again. These guys are unreal, you have to check them out on

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