Tyrone & Kirk Charity Golf Day – August 2014

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We were delighted to return to Worsley Park – Marriott, Manchester for the Tyrone & Kirk Golf Day to help play our part in supporting young Jack and his family. Being the sport he is, Al was keen to have a go at chipping the ball scissor hand style!!! In fairness to him, he made a pretty good job of it too.

We had a great time last year and twelve months on, the event was hugely as popular , a testament to Mark Brown for organising an event that so many want to be a part of.  The Corrie Stars Alan & Andy, such likeable and genuie lads must also take a lot of praise. It’s a fun fun day to be involved in, but everyone doesn’t loose sight as to why the day is taking place and that’s to help raise funds for the charity JoiningJack

The show got everyone in the mood for a great day and as mentioned earlier in the blog, it’s a fun day and I think your find this video highlights that down to a tee.

On a more serious note, the money raised is to help Jack and his family promote and fund research into the study and cure of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, an illness sadly Jack was diagnosed with in October 2011. Jack is everything a six-year old should be, cheeky, excitable and a big softy at heart. The shattering news for Jack’s parents back in 2011 now means (failing a medical breakthrough) Jack’s life will follow a predetermined path mapped out by his progressive muscle wasting condition. In short, he will no longer be able to walk and will loose the use of every single muscle in his body. He may need spinal rods to keep him upright and ventilation to help him breath. Eventually his heart and lungs will fail and he will die.     XB_lin_logo_blk

If you want to help Jack and find out more about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) please click here and read this young fella’s story.

Many thanks – KC & Swainey

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