Titleist & Footjoy Support Trick Shot Duo

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We are delighted to announce that Titleist and Footjoy will be supporting the Golf Trick Shot Boys going into 2015.  It’s fantastic news for myself and Geoff to have two golfing giants like Titleist and Footjoy 100% behind us.

We recently tried the new 915 products at the launch during the London Golf Show, they look and feel great, and we cant wait to get out to Qatar.

We start the New Year with shows on the European Tour at The Commercial Bank Qater Masters, before flying over to the US to entertain the large crowds in Phoenix at The Waste Management Dream Day.

As well as performing on the large stage we also have many corporate days and charity functions booked for 2015. If any of you are involved in the running of a golf event, or would like to bring something extra special to your day, we are available (subject to availability) and we would love to be part of plans.  For further details please contact us here and submit your enquiry.

Many thanks and we look forward to hearing from you.


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