Event Packages

The Golf Trick Shot Boys can be tailored to meet the need of any venue and audience. The show and presentations have been run successfully in front of 100’s at European Tour events, but is equally as effective and involving with smaller groups of 20 to 30. Make your golf day different.

Packages can include:

  1. Golf Trick Shot Show

    Geoff and Kevin can perform at the start of your day which is great to get everybody together having fun before the serious stuff begins. Its a great Ice breaker and gives your guests common ground before the start of play. Or why not have it at the end of your day where the guys can show that it’s not really such a serious game and brings reality back into those that have had a bad day at the office!

  2. On Course Entertainment

    The on course trick shot challenge offers everyone playing in the golf day an opportunity to attempt one of the trick shots demonstrated within the show. Its more difficult than it looks! It brings lots of fun and laughter to the individual groups much to the amusement of their playing partners. Allowing the guests to individually experience the difficulties of trick shots is a popular choice amongst event organisers and is a refreshing alternative to a beat the pro challenge!

  3. After Dinner Speaking

    Let Geoff and Kevin finish off your day with stories and impressions from the world of golf and beyond. Its not just an After Dinner Speech its personalised to your day where your clients and participants will have the days golf and there golfing abilities put under the spotlight where the boys will undoubtedly add a few tongue in cheek comments but will also pass on a few tips as well!


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